• All lots are sold 'As Is, Where Is' with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. TAC does it's best to describe verbally, as well as with pictures, what is told to us by the seller as to the condition of each item.  Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer.  Buyers assume complete responsibility for care of each purchase at time of sale. 

  • A bidder is required to provide a government issued picture ID. 

  • Any person wanting to bid on an item in person MUST be registered with TAC and have a bidder's number for that sale.

  • TAC assumes NO responsibility for theft, fire, loss of equipment left in vehicle, or damage to property left at the auction site. TAC does not provide or carry insurance for any vehicles.

  • TAC does not guarantee factory or dealer warranties.

  • The Seller/Auction shall not be liable for any vehicle sale or repairs made by the Buyer before the title is received by the Buyer.

  • Some items have a reserve price set by the seller unless otherwise announced. Reserve prices are private between the auction company and seller.

  • Any "Outside Sales" are strictly prohibited! Any party involved in an outside sale transaction will be banned from TAC auctions and responsible for the buyer and seller fees.

 Vehicle Previews:

  • Vehicle previews are available week of auction. If a bidder cannot attend in person, they may bid through simulcast via Proxibid. You must register with Proxibid to use their service.

  • Vehicles are allowed to be started, pulled forward and reverse three feet. No test drives are available.

  • Mechanics and the like are permitted to inspect vehicles at the auction site at their own risk.

  • TAC will announce any issues/problems disclosed by seller or noticed by an employee. Unfortunately, not every issue will be noticed. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect a potential purchase prior to the auction.


  • Buyer acknowledges bidding is a legal binding contract between TAC and buyer.

  • Buyers are responsible for following current bid and price auctioneer is offering and any announcements.


  • 5% buyers premium.

  • TAC accepts cash, cashier's checks, wire transfers and credit cards. (Credit cards carry an additional 4% convenience fee.)

  • $25 returned check fee.

  •  All titles will be mailed to buyers after vehicles are paid and picked up. A $20.00 document fee will be charged per item sold with a title.

  • All late payments incur a $25/day late fee starting Monday at 5pm.

  • Please be aware that if YOU BID, YOU BUY, YOU PAY. If you do not intend on paying for an item, please, DO NOT BID.

  • TAC will pursue collections of unpaid transactions through any and all legal means necessary. This includes banning any party from future auctions.



  • Shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

  • TAC does not make any shipping arrangements with outside companies.  This is in an effort to ensure the buyer receives the best shipper and cost for their particular item(s).